Tactical Training & Response Operators / Instructors

Welcome to Patriot Guardians LLC. Diverse Tactical Training

We train you to operate by way of Common Sense to Combat Sense, and from Practical to Tactical. 

What We Do

(SHARP) Sacred Hands Active Threat Response Program


A new and innovative Response to ANY active threat, anywhere. Our teaching methodology will prepare you for the worst case scenario, with you coming out on top. Some aspects of our SHARP Course are:

*Preventive & Deterrent Measures

*Threat Assessment

*Vulnerability Exploitation

*Neutralize an Active Threat

*Trauma Care Under Fire

(ATAC) Armed Teachers Assailant Course


Cutting edge training and education in order to prepare our Educators, whom volunteer to exercise their Second Amendment Right. We provide an intensive training program that includes:

*Basic to Advance Pistol Marksmanship

*Florida Law and Liability Training

*Close Quarter Combat

*Scenario Based Training

*End of Training Written Exam

*End of Training Weapons Qualification

*ATAC Course Photo ID.

Other Training Offered


*Women Only Zone


*Kids Zone

*General Training

*MIL / LEO / FIRE Only

*Executive Protection Training

*Florida State Concealed Weapon Permit

*Florida Security Licenses (D & G) First Time & Renewals

*First Aid, CPR, AED

*Basic Life Support / Advance Life Support

*Trauma Care Under Fire

Who We Are

Retired US Military Special Operations

Combat Veterans from all walks of life, offering their expertise.

Retired and Active Law Enforcement Officers

Years of experience, Paying it forward.

Highly Trained, Former Competitive Fighters

Teaching our community the Tricks of the Trade.

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